Anavar, also known as Oxandrolone is a common anabolic steroid used by both men and women. Due to its mild properties, it has gained popularity amongst women who want to improve their physique and gain strong muscles. But due to the present status of the drug in the US, it is very difficult to purchase Anavar without a valid prescription. Though it has been approved by the FDA and legalized for human consumption, only for the medical purpose. Due to its high demand, Anavar is not only expensive but difficult to find too. These are the two prime reasons why fake alternatives have spread in the market.

Be careful

The two chief ways in which a customer is cheated are label deception and circulation of fake products. The drugs available in the underground labs are more likely to be counterfeit by following the practice of label deception to cheat the customers. It has been generally noticed that the drug Dianabol which is of lower strength than Anavar and is comparatively cheaper is mostly sold in the name of Anavar. Dainabol can be considered as a good steroid, but it is not as active as Anavar. Women generally prefer Anavar due to its mild properties, but Dianabol proves to be very disastrous for women having high chances of virility. Apart from this practice, you might also come across fake products which are not even steroids in any form. So, think twice before you waste your money on these products which will in no way serve your purpose.

Why bodybuilders take Anavar

Anavar was originally introduced to treat wasting diseases like hepatitis, AIDS and anemia. Apart from chronic infections, it is also used to improve bone density and promote the growth of tissues. But with time, athletes gradually discovered that the drug can play a vital role in improving the endurance, strength and make them competition ready. The drug became so popular that even the athletes of the high school and college started utilizing it to improve their performance. Anavar is known to increase the rate of metabolism and help in losing the body fat of the user. It also helps to increase the muscle mass without the side effect of water retention like Dianabol. Athletes say it aids them in lifting heavier weights and creates a tough looking body which is in high demand in today’s industry.

Stay away from the fake products

Counterfeit pills of Anavar contain impurities or other fake ingredients which can be harmful to your health. This is the prime reason why you need to ensure that you are buying an authentic product. So, you should spend enough time in doing the research of the product, read all the reviews you come across and go for the one that is authentic. You can also ask for the proof of legitimacy from your supplier to satisfy any kind of doubt you have. Due to the high demand for Anavar, it is more likely to be counterfeit if purchased from unauthorized places like underground labs.


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