VaporBrothers is a vape manufacturer that you consistently read good things about in online reviews. They’re known for producing vaporizers of exceptional quality, so you can be certain that any time they introduce a new model, it will shake up the vaping community. The Dabbler by Vapor Brothers has done just that. I recently took this new wax pen for a spin to see what it was capable of and wasn’t disappointed with my experience in the slightest.


The Dabbler by Vapor Brothers is strictly a wax pen, and if you’re familiar with wax vaporizer pens, you know that these compact vapes can sometimes fool you when you start a session. It’s pretty commonplace for vapor to be really flavorful and pleasing at the start but kind of burned tasting and strong by the end.

Vapor Brothers has managed to create a wax pen that provides the same very high level of quality vapor from the first draw all the way through to the end of the session. To provide this impressive level of performance, the engineers at the brand outfitted the vape with an inconel wire coil that is fully inert. This means it doesn’t produce any type of reaction with the vapor or your material. In addition, the wick inside is burn-proof, so it doesn’t get overly hot and burn your material. It won’t even burn if you accidentally engage the heating chamber when it’s empty.

The Dabbler is also equipped with a microprocessor. Acting like a mini computer, it uses readings from internal temperature sensors to continuously increase and decrease the power that flows from the battery to the heating coil. This keeps the heat level constant, eliminating the excessive heating that causes vapor quality to decline in other wax pens (such as seen on Vapor Plants).

I also found the Dabbler to be a lot easier to load than other wax pens. The atomizer is set down low, so you don’t have to worry about hitting it and damaging it. One small disadvantage to this design is that it makes the pen a little longer than other vapes. While it is a little bulkier, the wax pen will still fit into your pocket.

There was only one other thing that I really didn’t like about the wax pen–the cap on the bottom. Its purpose is to keep the battery free of debris to protect it, but it’s so small that it would be easy to lose.

The Dabbler is a little different from other Vapor Brothers vaporizer models, like the VaporBrothers HandsFree, because it was actually made in collaboration with another maker called Vape-Pen. I was curious to see if this would have any impact on the performance of the vaporizer pen. After my testing and a few sessions, I can say without reservation that the VaporBrothers Dabbler continues the Vapor Brothers tradition of making really well built, simple to use vapes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone, especially for its low retail price of $99.99.


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