Goal setting; if there is one thing that is very important in body building it’s about goal setting on the progression week per week in a form of a weekly transformation log.

Why it’s needed and why you shouldn’t body build without it? It’s because body building is not just about getting a premium gym membership to stay there for the whole day and try to beef up. It’s inter disciplinary that adapts to a lot of concepts.

Exercise: You can’t really get “the buff” if you don’t work out. You need to work hard for it but in order to be effective, you need to manage your nutrition and your supplements as well.  This is the work right here, the non-negotiable that will activate your skeletal muscles to hypertrophy, nutrition and drugs are just supplementary to help it go bigger but exercise is the real work. If you don’t put in enough work this will be a challenge. Keep in mind that no body builder hates working out. This is your hustle right here!

Nutrition: Discipline is the keyword here, as much as you love those burgers, you have to pass on it from time to time and opt for a much healthier option. Not necessarily that you will cut on protein because that’s very important but what you need to do is cut down on too much fat and focus on being lean. The more that you can manage your nutrition, all the more that your exercise will be more effective. You can’t properly sculpt your body if you continue to digest large amounts of fat that can’t be burned the whole day.


Pharmacology: This is the most questionable of all for the reason that basically people are using enhancing drugs to have a better body. You can’t really blame them, especially if body builders will opt for this since it does make the body building process much faster. It’s not advisable to use this method, not being promoted by sports, this is even the reason why some drugs used in body building is illegal and can be used only if there is a prescription. But if people should do it, people using it should have a good understanding of the drugs that they are taking most especially the application, dosage and the danger signs.

Weekly monitoring: Because body building is multidisciplinary and even at certain concept calculated. That is why all the more you need it monitored in order for you to know how far you have gone if you went over your target or you need more work. This will also help you drive your progression faster since your goal is clear and you can see it every day. This also helps you calculate a number of nutrients that you need for the week and even incorporate the intake of drugs at a safe dosage on a weekly basis so that you don’t have to remember a lot of things and you now not just have a monitoring sheep but also a guide sheet for everything



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