Testosterone intake is done by external means is known as exogenous testosterone. Here in this case the synthetic intake of testosterone hormone during the therapy is known as exogenous testosterone. The consumption of testosterone increases the lean muscle growth, helps in burning fat, helps in quick recovery in case of injury, prevents the wear and tear of tissues, improves protein synthesis, prevents wrinkling of skin because of the production of collagen, increases the production of red blood cells in the body for supplying more oxygen hence more energy is provided for workouts and retains nitrogen in the muscle tissues for muscle growth. For better results with this drug and improvement of testosterone deficiency symptoms, an individual should follow the recommended dosage for a limited time in the form of on and off cycle. Per people reviews, many have benefited with this drug when used in recommended dosage for limited time in the form of on and off cycles. This way one can avoid severe side effects to their health.

Some people also use dietary supplements to boost the weight of the body and some use to improve the current physique of the body

Testosterone – Dosage and safety instructions

Professional consultation is required while using testosterone as dosage levels vary from age to age, and testosterone levels in the body matter in deciding and especially body tolerance also an issue to deal with.

Reading the dosage instructions along with the contradictions is important for improvement of testosterone deficiency symptoms. The sourcing of testosterone for dosage is important as testosterone cannot be bought without prescription.

It is very important that women should be very careful in using testosterone and should limit it to very low doses if it has to be used. Men should not exceed a particular dosage limit and stop the usage after every cycle giving the body a chance to regain normalcy and start producing testosterone normally.

Exercise – Every human must exercise at least thrice a week. This is important to maintain a healthy body and physical activity prolongs life span and the quality of life. Obese bodies have a natural tendency to produce low testosterone quantity. Following a proper exercise pattern and being physically fit boosts testosterone levels.

When having defectiveness of growth hormones in adults and seniors these Somatropin drugs are used in the treatment for preventing these conditions. If secretion of HGH and pituitary gland function levels is low the doctors use growth hormone process with care. The growth hormone process need to be done with caution as it is highly expensive and need to monitor regularly and frequently the levels of hormones and activate in the blood.

Without a doubt, Testosterone is the holy grail of male hormone. No boosters can replace our body’s natural way of testosterone production. They are many natural ways by which we can stimulate the testosterone production like having proper sleep (in sleep body burns the fat), managing stress, taking diet with saturated (coconut oil, egg yolks, etc.)and mono unsaturated fats (olive oil, almonds etc.), intake of testosterone boosting ingredients (fenugreek, zinc, D- aspartic acid, vitamin D etc., favoring multi joint weight movements, avoiding longer workouts and leading a healthy life style. But if one has to resort to these natural testosterone boosters one has to be their own policemen and should be vigilant in choosing a booster while keeping in mind the various precautions.



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