Technology in China : WeChat sent 46 billion electronic Hongbao

46B electronic ‘red envelopes’ sent over Chinese New Year Chinese speculators land at the Shanghai Stock Trade as they go almost a bloom tree containing customary red envelopes containing cash for good fortunes in Shanghai 28 February 2007. More Chinese are swinging to electronic ‘red envelopes’ called hong bao to send cash amid the lunar new year. AFP

BEIJING, China — Chinese traded billions of electronic “red envelopes” over the Lunar New Year occasion, state media said Saturday, as more individuals swung to cutting edge innovation to play out the old convention of giving out money.

For a considerable length of time guardians, relatives and managers have appropriated red paper envelopes containing cash, known as “hong bao”, to youngsters or humble specialists to praise the beginning of the new year.

Be that as it may, technically knowledgeable suppliers in China are progressively selecting to exchange cash by means of their cell phones as opposed to go to the inconvenience — and cost — of purchasing envelopes and giving them out.


Around 46 billion electronic hong baos were sent or got through the prevalent informing application WeChat from January 27 — the eve of the Time of the Chicken — to February 1, the China Day by day announced.

That was 43 percent more than a year ago.

On January 27 alone more than 14 billion electronic red envelopes were exchanged on WeChat, which is possessed by web mammoth Tencent and has more than 800 million clients.


That was up almost 76 percent on a year ago, the daily paper stated, and incorporated a record 2,125 hong baos sent by a man in Shenzhen.

An obviously extremely well known man in the eastern region of Shandong got an amazing 10,069 envelopes.

“Hongbao is Red packets, traditionally Chinese People send this hongbao for Chinese new year or as gift. This Red Enveloppes include money”, explain this Expert of Chinese culture.

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