Most people these days rely on Google Maps or such other form of interactive mapping system for navigation purposes. Places that you have never been to before are now much easier to find without having to worry that you are going to be lost on your way there thanks to the presence of more detailed mapping systems.

Back in the day when 3D mapping was first introduced, the idea was to use them for autonomous, driverless cars. These days, they are considered to be really useful not only to city planners, but architects as well. While 3D map still plays the same critical role when it comes to autonomous vehicles, it is also a fact that it now plays a critical role in the modern society as more people fuse the world between the physical and the digital world.

Beyond city planning and vehicles

More sensors are being embedded into various devices today. From cars to lamp posts to windows and buildings, it is going to be so much easier to get the physical world mapped out today. The incredible ways that 3D technology can be used today means that it is going to play an even more prominent role in the future.

Policing and firefighting are areas that can certainly benefit a ton from the use of 3D mapping. This is because these departments are going to have instant access to information on buildings and cities that are constantly updated. Both the firefighters and the police can use AR and VR tools along with 3D maps to carry out effective and more detailed training simulations. It can also be a useful tool for criminal intelligence and can be used to reduce the risks involved in raids. In the same manner, fire-fighters will be able to get their strategies and plans constantly updated to ensure more effective firefighting.

It can help in managing infestations too. Many urban areas today suffer not just from the presence of rats but of racoons and pandas and other wild animals too. The use of 3D maps allows cities and providers of pest control services to take note of infestation movements so proper countermeasures can be developed.

Actuaries and insurance are fields that need data at all times. These fields can benefit from the use of 3D maps of cities and other urban areas to come out of predictive analysis and risk analysis that are useful in issuing building insurances.

Healthcare can also benefit from the use of 3D maps. The technology can be a remarkable use for the mapping routes for ambulances. It can also play a crucial part of epidemiology preparations and studies.

Logistics is also another field that can benefit from 3D mapping. Trucking companies now rely on 3D maps so deliveries can be planned better by choosing the right routes as well as carry out drone delivery.

It is interesting how 3D mapping plays a very crucial role in numerous industries today and how it is getting interspersed in people’s personal lives. Learn more about the numerous advantages of 3D mapping by reading about Hassan Sadiq Himex online.


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