Charger plug-in: EU, US plug optional

Suspension motions controlled landings over jumps and are damped for functioning over surfaces.

With cost voltage protection, low power security, overheating protection.

Brand title: GPTOYS

I had been ready to have the evaluation move either way.

Control space: roughly 80 meters

Not bad.

Battery for automobile: 9.6V/800mAh Li-Po battery

Shock absorption and collision avoidance layout

I wish to have fun with those machines, although do not get me wrong, I’m worried about the functioning of the automobile and also the build-quality. The people at GPTOYS Foxx S911 delivered me an R/C automobile which I hadn’t heard of before and was out of a producer which I had not paid much attention to previously.

2.4G technology behind high-speed automobiles racing concurrently, an assortment of remote management of approximately 80 meters.

On the outside, this looks like a pleasure machine.

Weight: 1007.6gram

Run time: roughly 10 mintues

Dimensions (automobile): 305 * 265 * 153mm (artificial dimensions error enabled)

1 * User guide

My degree of amazement grew as soon as I began looking into the automobile a little more.

Equipped with grippy soft compound tires with contemporary design. The tread pattern appears rough but has lots of biting edges to grapple pretty much any kind of terrain out of boulders and gravel to sidewalks and sand.


Charging period: approximately 180 mintues

Quality and capacity you expect from posture is offered in off road operation.

1 * Steering wheel

Bundle dimensions: 37.5 * 28 * 18cm / / 14.8 * 11 * 7.1in

Colour: red

Prepared to run along with no assembly required

Battery for control: 2 * 1.5VAA battery (not included)

Brand gift box bundle

1 * Hex Wrench

1 * 9.6V 800mAh Automobile Battery

The Foxx S911 Radio-controlled Hybrid Truck from GP Toys, the Automobile.

This item includes a complete ratio 1/12 scale high speed off-road vehicle, outfitted with a 2.4GHz radio platform prepared to race, two-wheel rc moster truck driveway system and shock absorption and collision avoidance layout, and separate alloy differential, which could radically move forward and backward, turn right and left. Your operating that is true also increases. More info about the item, please consult with the guide that is English.

Within this hobby you’re able to stumble upon a number of vehicles from numerous manufacturers. 1 thing has stood out among the factors, while high quality and the cost of those machines span a spectrum.

S-Truck suspension technologies for superior control and handling

Can it be interesting?

Bundle weight: 1832g / 4.04pounds

Components tires, a monster truck/stadium truck design chassis that is normal, and Big and electricity.

Priced at $39.33 (in, this could either be somewhat slow, sluggish, unresponsive vehicle that could break the minute it struck…anything, or it can surprise me and become a good entry-level fun-runner and mild basher.


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